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Few things are as legendary as a good mojito, both in terms of taste and history.

Legend has it that at the end of the 16th century, the famous English corsair Sir Francis Drake prepared the first mojito. Obviously, it was not called mojito, nor was it prepared with rum, but the cocktail we know today, was prepared with eau de vie, sugar, lime, mint and was diluted with a little water. The eau de vie gave warmth and cheered up the long journeys, the lime fought scurvy, the mint and herbs refreshed the palate, and the sugar helped the concoction to enter better. This mixture was baptized as “Draquecito.”

In the 1860s, rum replaced eau de vie and gave the cocktail a tastier and more refined touch. This is how the Draquecito became what we know today as the Mojito.

Mint or spearmint? Well, mint is a natural cross between different types of mint and has also been substituted in the original recipe, giving it a more delicate aroma and taste.

There is also the variant of ice, which although it was originally ice in small cubes, when it was universalized, it is used as a filter that works as a filter so that the mint does not pass and it is more annoying when drinking.


Hurricane glass / Tulip


Cocktail shaker


- 5 cl Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum

- 20 cl of Rockfruit Syrup Sugar

- One lime

- 5/6 mint leaves


In an "on the rock" glass, pour the mint leaves, chopped lime, Rockfruit Syrup Sugar and crush gently. Then add Ron Legendario Añejo Blanco and mix it.

Complete with crushed ice, fill with soda, a drop of Angostura and garnish with lime and mint.